Whiteboard – Quarterly Report October 2013

By Nicholas MacIntyre

There is a Spring in the Market.

Not only has the weather been great lately but the future is also looking rosy for current property owners with big movements in the median house price in Sydney putting pressure on prices locally.With prices having increased across the board by 7% in the last 12 months, and up

to 39% in some suburbs, and stock levels falling by 30% at the same time, it is a given that prices will continue to rise in the near future. Predictions are that current trends will continue in NSW for some time with a chronic lack of………………


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  • Environmental Conservation at Scarborough Park

    For many years, property developers have been accused of damaging the environment. Jetan Pty Ltd, the developer of “Scarborough Park” in Morisset, has not only preserved the environment, but improved upon it. The developer is dedicating 6.6 ha (16 acres) of natural bushland as Public Reserve. The area being dedicated has, over … Read more

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    A successful open home could be the key to selling your property. But opening your doors to dozens of strangers can be stressful and difficult, particularly if you’re already on edge about the sale. To help make your upcoming home as stress-free and successful as possible, we’ve whipped up answers … Read more

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